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Beware of Fraud Scams using our Trusted |Brand Name

Over the last 4 months there has been an influx of scam artists posting vehicles, fraudulently posing as Auto Deal on OLX mainly, for ‘too good to be true’ prices. We have had a number of people falling victim to these scams and have either paid deposits or the full amount over to these imposters.

This is a massive concern for us as not only does it damage our brand and reputation, which we have built on a foundation of integrity for the last 17 years, but there are people loosing insurmountable amounts of money in the process.

Auto Deal has notified SAPS, Capitec, Standard Bank and FNB, as well as OLX of the fraudulent activity. There appears to be a syndicate of scammers who open and close bank accounts as soon as the money is moved out. We, at Auto Deal do not take this lightly and would like to highlight some key tips, that you as a consumer can take to protect yourself from being scammed.

1. First rule of thumb – If it appears too goo to be true – it normally is

2. NEVER transfer money for a vehicle purchase without physically seeing it, or having a colleague/friend view the vehicle on your behalf.

3. Look out for an invoice with a panther in the background and multiple car brands. Our invoice does not look like that

4. Look carefully at the bank account details. Firstly Auto Deal operates from a Standard Bank cheque account. We do not operate from any Capitec account nor do we operate from a savings account.

5. Speak to Fernando, Kurt or Clive from Auto Deal who will pass you onto a legitimate Auto Deal Sales Consultant.

If you have already fallen victim to one of these scams, please ensure that you report it to your local police station and send us the case number. We need to join forces to put an end to these opportunists.

What is Auto Deal doing?

There are so many motor dealers who’s brands are being affected with these scams. We, at Auto Deal, are not prepared to just let it be. We are meeting with our local superintendent with all the evidence that has been gathered over the past months. We have already reported this with the banks as well as OLX. Furthermore we are raising it with the Blue Chip IDA group in the next few weeks where this community of motor dealers will discuss and brainstorm suggested resolutions to this matter. If the public has any further suggestions of how we are able to combat these crimes, please contact us on 011 740 7871 or 011 915 8444 or email .

May these criminal’s preying on our company and the innocent public come to an abrupt end in the near future. Let’s unite together to stop them!

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  • Lino Anciano| Jun 28, 2019 at 2:33 am Reply

    I happened to had few exchanges with someone claiming he is under Autodeal just yesterday. The unit posted is a brand new, all new Toyota Grandia 2019. As we are interested because of 40% discount, we tried to explore deeper. He said the unit will be released after 30 days from paying our deposit.we wanted to see the unit as we are intrigued by BIG discount but no unit available.He said they will be the one to arrange with Toyota Mabolo. I could feel, this istuation is leading towards scam so we stop communicating for a while. Am I correct?

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