Finance FAQs

Your ITC record must be clean with no defaults or judgments against you. You need to be permanently employed (and preferably earning R8 500-00 or more per month).  The purchase price of the vehicle you have in mind should preferably not be below R40 000-00 and the year model must be between 2012 and 2021.  You must have a South African ID book as well as a South African Driver’s License.
Not necessarily. In most cases a deposit is not required and we will endeavour to have your loan approved on that basis, however, it is always advisable to provide a deposit since a deposit will make the loan amount less.  In the event that a deposit is required, it will be explained to you by our business managers
Yes, car insurance is compulsory.  Our business manager will gladly assist you in getting the best possible rate for your car finance and insurance.  We will also assist you in deciding what option to take and explain all those options to you.  At Auto Deal, we know that making this decision could be tricky and it is important to us that we get the best possible package to suit your pocket.
When you apply for credit on a vehicle, the financial institution will grant whether you are creditworthy by obtaining a credit report from a credit bureau. The law states that everyone is entitle to a free credit report from each of the credit bureaus once every 365 days. If you want to know for sure that you will be granted credit to buy a car, it is a good idea to check that your credit report accurately reflects your current financial position.

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