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Auto Deal – A car dealership you really CAN trust

Peace of mind is our mantra

We are proud to profess that Auto Deal really is a car dealership that you really can trust. Over the past 17 years, we have worked hard to build a reputation of trust in the used-car market.  Unfortunately the pre-owned market is notorious for under-handed dealings. We, however, are determined not to be ‘painted with the same brush’.  You are probably thinking to yourself – this is just a another sales cliche that is used to lure me in.  We understand your skepticism and hence, we at Auto Deal hope, that by the end of reading this article – you will be convinced by our commitment to give you peace of mind that you can expect quality vehicles and outstanding service from our dealership… 

Let’s unpack why we believe we are confident about our reputation:

1.We experience over 60% repeat customers

This is a true testament to the fact that happy customers keep coming back.  We are happy to provide many references from all walks of life and industry, who continue to purchase their vehicles from Auto Deal.  Don’t take our word for it – get it from the ‘horses mouth’. Take a look at what some of our happy customers have to say about our service and vehicles. Click here

2. We can attest that every vehicle on our floor is processed in our very own world-class workshop 

Every-single vehicle file of the vehicles that are available for sale, have a completed 103 Quality checklist.  This isn’t just any other checklist – we pride ourselves on a thorough work-up on every vehicle.  Take a look at the level of detail that we run through on each vehicle

3. 87% of our clients give us excellent ratings

You only have to read a few of our testimonials to see the great ratings that we receive for our vehicles and our service.  This does not include the number of 4-stars that we receive as well.

4. Numbers speak volumes

We have just celebrated selling over 4800 vehicles to individuals and businesses.  There is certainly a level of credibility in being able to reach these volumes.  We enjoy seeing our clients drive away with smiles on their faces, in their dream car.

 5. Approved by all major banks

Auto Deal has enjoyed being able to offer finance from all major banks for 17 years.  This in itself is a testament to credibility.

6. Consistent quality training with Auto Deal staff

We understand that in order to ensure peace of mind for our clients – our staff need to live, breath and eat the same ethos.  This is why we conduct weekly training – theoretical and practical with our team – constantly reviewing how we are able to improve ourselves to maintain and build on our reputation as a leading pre-owned dealership on the East Rand. 

These are just a few highlights of why we don’t just say that we are a quality car dealer whom you CAN trust – we back eat word with proof and integrity.

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