Upgrade your fleet with JMC

At Auto Deal, we understand that when it comes to your fleet, only the best of the best is good enough for your business. The key to successfully operating business lies in the reliability and strength of its operating vehicles. JMC has recognised the need for a range of fleet vehicles that are built with durability and hardiness in mind, and this makes the class-leading JMC range of light commercial trucks and single cabs perfectly suited to construction, agricultural, mining, logistical and other transportation applications.

Quality and Excellence

JMC light trucks are a popular choice among built-industry professionals. Combining ultimate fuel economy and reduced total cost of ownership along with bold designs, comfortable interiors and safety features, JMC’s range of quality trucks and fleet vehicles will offer your business the reliability and durability that it needs to move forward.

Look no further than JMC for hardy and reliable fleet vehicles that offer the best value for money.

Light Commercial Trucks

Single Cabs

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