Frequently Asked Questions

JMC made a direct investment into South Africa in 2010, establishing a huge parts depot in the West Rand on Hendrik Potgieter – this is also where JMC Head Office is based today. FMC has 30% shares in JMC, Isuzu owns 12.5% and the balance (57.5%) is wholly owned by the Chinese Government. JMC’s presence here is in support of the BRICS agreement and currently, the Chinese Government is busy with an R80 billion industrial development in Modderfontein, creating 24 000 job opportunities.

Apart from being one of the top 10 largest Motor manufacturers in China, JMC has also been named a Top 500 Company in Chine and has earned the position of top brand in the light commercial diesel manufacturing segment in China for 12 consecutive years. Today, JMC exports to 110 countries worldwide.

JMC established a Parts Supply Chain and infrastructure in 2010 before establishing a dealer distribution network in 2011. JMC’s parts ‘fill rate’ (ability to supply) is well above the industry benchmark, and because of our standardised drivetrain on our range of commercials, parts stocking is under less pressure compared to other manufacturers with an extremely large product range. Additionally, JMC provides 24-hour roadside assistance through an international company called SOS.
MC has an extremely strict dealer allocation programme. Applicants had to be in business for at least ten years with an impeccable track record in the South African Motor Industry.  There are currently 23 dealers nationally with full service facilities, which is expected to increase significantly in the next year.
JMC do not have a formal loan vehicle policy in place. However,  in the unlikely event that your vehicle should break down and be out of action for more than 48 hours, JMC would certainly come to the rescue. Each case is handled on its merits.
Our commercial range is equipped with a direct injection turbo diesel motor which is not put under the stress generally experienced by some of the smaller displacement, common rail diesel motors currently available. In fact, it’s actually over-engineered for its application.

The JMC motor has undergone an evolutionary process since it was first introduced into the international market. It now generates 40% more power and torque compared to the original version.

It is common for a direct injection diesel motor to be somewhat noisy, especially at cold start. Once the desired running temperature is reached, it becomes less of a factor.
JMC do not have a formal discount policy in place. Our margins across our whole vehicle range are substantially smaller than those of our competitors, hence our fine pricing. However, if you can provide us with information regarding your fleet size and your possible order volume, an Auto Deal representative will be able to submit it to JMC and request some assistance.
Yes, we can. We have been in business since 2000 and have been approved as a national credit provider at all the major finance houses (banks), i.e. Wesbank, MFC, ABSA and Standard Bank. We are also approved with Capitec, African Bank and Nedcredit.  If we have all the supporting documentation the banks require, we should be able to have an answer for you within an hour of submission.
Since its introduction in 2010/2011, JMC has retained values well above competitor levels. A recent independent research conducted by TransUnion revealed that JMC retained the best value compared to our closest competitors in the light commercial vehicle / truck segment. The comparison was based on 2013 book trade values in relation to the original new listed prices in 2010.
Because JMC understands our customers’ predicaments, we allow you 1 500km leeway before or after a specific service is due.  Should you be in a hurry, depending on the specific service requirements, we can prioritise your service for a specific date by prior arrangement. We also offer an in-house shuttle service to the Carnival Mall or Casino, depending on your requirements.
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