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Top 10 tips on car safety

With the increasing number of vehicles on the road, it is always good to practice extra caution when riding or driving your car. Here are some car safety tips you can follow to make sure that you will safely reach your destination.

Always wear your seat belt.
This is perhaps the most important practice to observe when riding or driving a car. Wearing your seat belt increases the chances of survival in case of a major accident. Some studies have revealed that 65% of those who suffered serious injuries in car accidents were not wearing their seat belts. So buckle up. If you are travelling with children, make sure that they are properly wearing their seat belts. For babies or toddlers, make sure that they are riding in the back seat with appropriate car seats and seat belts.

Turn off your mobile phone.
People nowadays rely so much on their mobile phones that it has become common to use it while driving. Remember that using your mobile phone while driving is dangerous and accidents that happened due to mobile phone usage have increased over the past few years.

Here are three reasons why using your mobile phone while driving is dangerous. First, you have to take your eyes from the road every time you dial, hang up or type to send a text message. Second, your attention is diverted as you make your conversation. And third, in the case of hand held devices, you lose mobility as you hold onto the phone.

To keep you from using your mobile phone while driving, turn it off. Or if you cannot turn it off, pull over to the side of the road to make and complete your call.

Keep your attention on the road at all times.
Avoid activities that will distract you from driving such as eating, reading, putting on make up, etc. These distractions impair your ability to react should something happen on the road such as the car in front suddenly stopping or a vehicle on the side suddenly swerving. Keep your eyes and attention firmly on the road ahead.

Stay alert.
If you are feeling sleepy or drowsy, pull over to the side, rest and then continue driving only when you feel more alert.

Glance at your side and rear view mirrors from time to time.
This will enable you to see how other vehicles are going. You can see if the vehicle behind you would like to over take or if a vehicle beside you is swerving. You can then react accordingly.

Drive carefully in bad weather.
If the weather is stormy, drive slowly and keep more distance between cars as sudden braking on wet roads can cause a vehicle to skid. If you are having a difficult time seeing the road ahead due to heavy rain or fog, turn your hazard lights on. You may also need to use your high beam headlights to improve your vision. If driving is extremely difficult, you may need to stop and wait for the weather to clear before continuing your trip.

Keep both hands on the wheel.
This will enable you to react quickly should you need to make an emergency stop or swerve suddenly.

Never drink and drive.
Driving under the influence of alcohol greatly increases the chances of being involved in an accident. Alcohol impairs all your senses so your ability to react is greatly affected. If you are planning to drink alcohol, have a designated driver who will not drink at all.

Keep your car well maintained.
Following a basic maintenance routine will ensure that your car will not have breakdowns during your trip. If you are driving a used car, having a basic maintenance routine becomes even more important as second hand cars are more difficult and expensive to maintain. Have your car’s engine oil changed regularly. Check your tyre’s pressure regularly and have tools and water in the car in case of emergency. Have your car checked by a trusted mechanic regularly. Postponing your car’s maintenance could lead to bigger and more expen
sive problems in the future.

Always stay calm.
It’s so easy to get angry when another car cuts you or if another driver does something you think is inappropriate or impolite. But remember that getting angry and retaliating poses a safety risk. So keep your just keep going.

Some final words
Remember that driving safely is not only beneficial to the driver but also to the passengers. Keep these tips in mind the next time you and your family get into the car for a safer and more pleasant journey.

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